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Audrey stool by Minus-Tio

Audrey is a family of stools inspired by the air of Audrey Hepburn and the silhouette of Hyllie water tower outside Malmö.The combination of solid wood and advanced processing methods gives the stools their unique look. 


女優オードリーヘプバーンにインスパイアされたスツール。すっきりと伸びた 脚のラインが美しいデザイン。カラフルなフットレストがアクセント。




W:38.4 D:34.4 H:45 / 65/ 78

Material: Lacquared birch, Lacquared oak, Black stained birch

Footrest color: Green, Red, Yellow, Black

Upholstery (option): Black leather, Brown leather, Natural leather

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